Santa's Sacks

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This game will be carried out via Facebook Live Video - Click here to head over to our Facebook page.

You'll get the option to pick a box from the Sleigh Calendar Box. Inside that box will be a number which is attached to one of Santa's Sacks marked 1 - 10. 

His sacks are filled with various products. Those products are what you will receive. There are some staple items which will be I'm every single bag. So if you do buy more than one, there will definitely be some duplicate products.

Please note, to keep it fair for all, there will be no item swaps. 

Revealed on Facebook Live video. 

Please note that these games require you to be on the live game show. If you're not available then your go will be rolled over to the next live and so on. 

If you've not been contactable to fulfill your order within 7 days of you placing that order then PQ will pick you, at random, Santa's Sack. 

The products you will win from these games will vary but will include a mixture of novelty items; crystals; confectionery; make up, skincare & body care items; pearls; jewellery (sterling, plated and fashion) merchandise; household items and much, much more! 

PQ will not replace duplicate items at all in this game. 


Please note that the weight per item is estimated. All the prizes are different sizes and weights and therefore additional postage charges may be due once your parcel has been packed up for dispatch. 

Any additional postage required should be paid straight away.

Requests for additional postage will be posted on our Facebook page and you will be sent an your email to. 

Emails can go into spam so please remove Perfectly Quaint's email address out of spam. 

Ingredient, Allergens and Important Product Information about the items you could win are listed in the tab at the bottom of the web page. 

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