Queen of Quaint Castle

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Castle calendar with numbers 1 - 24

Pick two row numbers from 1 - 4

I will then roll 2 dices. Those dices will have numbers on them that'll match the numbers on the boxes in the rows that you chose. 

The numbers that the dices land on will be the two boxes that you get to choose from.

Inside those numbered drawers will be the items of jewellery you get to choose between. 

If you get the extra charm in your drawers - The Queen's Crown - then you will be able to Trash both boxes and pick a number from the 4 drawers in the middle. 

This game is a mixture of sterling silver Pearl Cage Jewellery and Gemstone Jewellery. The jewellery can come in different forms - rings, necklaces and earrings. All pendants come with a 26" Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver chain. 

Please buy this game with the understanding that your items will not be swapped out unless they're a duplicated product. 

Please also note that if you cannot wear earrings for example, and you win earrings these will not be swapped out. 

This is a game of chance and by playing you accept these terms and the risks that come with it.