Ocean Jasper Tower

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  • Ocean Jasper is calming, gentle and nurturing. It encourages healing in a very slow and gentle way.
  • It helps brings issues to the surface, but in a gentle way so that you can properly acknowledge and process it.
  • It encourages service for the highest good and empathy towards both yourself and others around you.
  • It is a good crystal to work with to release blocked energy in a soft manner.
  • It helps to be accepting of change and helps go with the flow of life.
  • It promotes cleansing at the cellular level.
  • It is said to help with circular breathing and help with inner-ear imbalances.
  • It is said to help remove toxins that could normally lead to body odour and also to help with circulation.
  • Ocean Jasper brings an energy that lifts the mood inside and around us and that encourages joy towards our daily lives