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Momma P's Lucky Bubbles are filled with quirky little charms which represent the game or spot prize you win. 

PQ will pop your bubbles on Facebook live video, to reveal which games you'll play that night! 

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The Games:

Will be revealed on launch night - 30th July 2021 at 7pm on our Facebook page. 

All you need to know for now is that the prizes you will win will be a variety of make up and beauty products; bath/shower and body care products; oysters; jewellery, exclusive games and other prizes including novelty items.

Please note that these games require you to be on the live game show. If you're not available by the time that show ends then your go will be rolled over to the next live and so on. 

Please note that you do not get to choose the games you play and your games will not be changed under any circumstances. 

The products you will win from the games will vary but will include novelty items; crystals; confectionery; make up, skincare & body care items; pearls; jewellery (sterling, plated and fashion) merchandise; household items and much, much more! 

We will only swap duplicates of the main star prize item as long as they have the stock availability to do so. 

We will endeavour to fulfil your order on the next game night following the date you order. However, if for any reason that does not happen, then your order will roll over to the next game live on our Facebook page. 

Ingredient, Allergens and Important Product Information about the items you could win are listed in the tab at the bottom of the web page.