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Momma P's Lucky Bubbles are filled with quirky little charms which represent the game or spot prize you win. 

PQ will pop your bubbles on Facebook live video, to reveal which games you'll play that night! 

Games available: 

💋 Taste The Rainbow (Fashion Jewellery)

💋 Rainbow Drops 🌈 

💋 RIP 7even Dwarfs

💋 Black Flame Candle 

💋 Tickle My £-Itch

💋 Whozits & Whatzits 

💋 Marvel-ous Mysteries 

💋 Potion Party

💋 Lucky Shuck (Surprise Oysters)

💋 Scavenger Hunt (Natural Stone/Crystals)

💋 Bola Hat Walk (Bola Necklace)

💋 Beauty or Beast (Make Up Only Game)

💋 Just The Tip 

💋 Jack O Lantern 

💋 Yellow Brick Road

💋 Deal or No Deal

💋 Mouse Trap

💋 Snap, Crackle & Pop

💋 Eggs-ellent Treats (Candy/Chocolate/Sweets)

You do not get to pick the games you play.

If you do have a specific bubble game choice you'd like to play then please select it from the options on the website which are limited to Bola Hat Walk, Taste The Rainbow & Beauty or Beast. 

Otherwise, these are completely random and no requests for make up only or jewellery games will be accepted. Similarly, you cannot specifically ask to avoid a game either.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the games, I cannot accommodate Allergies. If you have specific allergies, then you are still welcome to play the Bubble games, but please accept that these prizes will not be swapped out. 

Click here to head over to our Facebook page.

Please note that these games require you to be on the live game show. If you're not available then your go will be rolled over to the next live show. There's a limit of 2 roll overs and in this time I will have emailed you and tried to contact you by all means available to me. If on the third live show when I call you're name, you are not present, I will fulfill your order on the live show and the first prize is what you will win. If after the live, you don't agree with what you have won there will be no swaps. That is final.

The products you will win from these games will vary but will include a mixture of novelty items; crystals; confectionery; make up, skincare & body care items; pearls; jewellery (sterling, plated and fashion) merchandise; household items and much, much more! 

PQ T&Cs - 

Duplicates may be unavoidable. PQ will make attempts to change duplicated items but that is not guarantee and in some instances will not be possible. By playing bubble games you accept this risk of duplicate prizes. 

PQ operates a rolling line up. 

This means that your name will be placed into the line up, upon receipt or your order. PQ will then fulfil your order as soon as possible. 

Please note that the weight per item is estimated. All the prizes are different sizes and weights and therefore additional postage charges may be due once your parcel has been packed up for dispatch. 

Any additional postage required should be paid straight away.

Requests for additional postage will be posted on our Facebook page and you will be sent an advisory email to. 

Emails can go into spam so please remove Perfectly Quaint's email address out of spam. 

Ingredient, Allergens and Important Product Information about the items you could win are listed in the tab at the bottom of the web page.

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