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Look of the Drawer is Perfectly Quaint's jewellery game which will be revealed on Facebook Live Video.

And yes, we did mean to spell Look that way ;-) 

Click here to head over to our Facebook page.

There will be a variety of jewellery items that you may win including earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets (this is not an exhaustive list).

Majority of the products will be 925 Sterling Silver, but there will be occasions where the item(s) of jewellery you win could be silver plated, fashion jewellery amongst other materials.

How to play:

PQ will pick 1 of 6 cards which have images on them that match the images on the handles of the jewellery box drawers. That is the drawer which is yours. 

The item(s) in the drawer will be revealed to you and that is the item(s) you will keep. 

Please note, that this game is fulfilled in payment order, so if you are the last person to buy a jewellery box game, you will not have a card choice, you will receive the last drawer.

The Twist:

There will be 2 charms across all 6 drawers. 

If you get a charm then that means you win the opportunity to Trash or Treasure the item(s) you won in your drawer. 

If you love the item(s) you won in the drawer then you can Treasure it and that's what you'll keep. 

If you don't like the item you won then you can Trash it and we'll draw another drawer. 

You must keep the item in the second drawer.

However, here's another little twist, if within the second drawer you find another charm, that means you can go back to the first item you won if you prefer that item. 

Orders are fulfilled in payment order. However, if you are not on the live at the time, then the line up will shift to those who are there.

If you're not on the live by the time the show ends then you'll be given a time stamp to review what you won on the live. Please message our Facebook page for your time stamp. 

This game does not get rolled over. So if you aren't available at the time then the item will simply be included in your package. 

If you ordered lucky bubbles at the same time but you weren't available to take your go, we will fulfil the jewellery box game but wait to send that items when your lucky bubbles have been done. 

It is your responsibility to ask for a time stamp, re-watch the live and review what you won. 

Duplicated items will be replaced, if possible, but that cannot be guaranteed. 

In this game in particular, if you win the charm and your second item is a duplicate item, that item will not be swapped. You must keep that item and it is a risk you accept within the game. We tend to only buy 2 or 3 of each item so the risk of receiving a duplicate will be slim. 

We will only swap duplicates of the main star prize items, as long as we have the stock availability to do so. 

We will endeavour to fulfil your order on the next game night following the date you order. However, if for any reason that does not happen, then your order will roll over to the next game live on our Facebook page.

Ingredient, Allergens and Important Product Information about the items you could win are listed in the tab at the bottom of the web page.