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Launches 29th October on our Halloween live. 

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This game will include Sterling Silver Pearl and Gemstone Jewellery. 

The jewellery will not be Halloween themed jewellery. 

How to play:

Pick a Pumpkin 1 - 3.

PQ will show you the jewellery inside that Pumpkin. If you love it then Treasure it and that's what you'll keep. If you don't love it then Trash it and pick another number. You can Trash your items twice but you must keep the item in the last Pumpkin pot. 

Orders are fulfilled in payment order. However, if you are not on the live at the time, then the line up will shift to those who are available. 

If you're not on the live show by the time the show ends then you will win the items in the Pumpkin pot chosen by the viewers.

PQ will endeavour to fulfil your order on the next game night following the date you order. However, if for any reason that does not happen, then your order will roll over to the next game live on our Facebook page.

Please note that the weight per item is estimated. All the prizes are different sizes and weights and therefore additional postage charges may be due once your parcel has been packed up for dispatch. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and your emails for notifications of additional postage charges due. 

Ingredient, Allergens and Important Product Information about the items you could win are listed in the tab at the bottom of the web page.