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This game will be carried out via Facebook Live Video - Click here to head over to our Facebook page.

You'll get the option to pick one of Betty's Books marked 1 - 6. 

Her books are filled with various products. Those products are what you will receive. 

However, within one of Betty's books, there is a cheeky little visitor hiding amongst the products. His name is Billy the Bookworm. 

Don't be scared of him though, he doesn't bite. He likes to nestle down in the dark to read his favourite book.

If you are lucky enough to find Billy the Book Worm you'll be able to Trash or Treasure the prize you won in that book! 

Treasure = You keep the items within the book. 

Trash = You don't keep the items in that book and you pick a different book. You keep whatever is in the 2nd book. 

Please note, to keep it fair for all, there will be no item swaps. 

The products you will win from the games will vary but will include novelty items; crystals; confectionery; make up, skincare & body care items; pearls; jewellery (sterling, plated and fashion) merchandise; household items and much, much more! 

PQ will only swap duplicates of the main star prize item as long as they have the stock availability to do so. 

PQ will endeavour to fulfil your order on the next game night following the date you order. However, if for any reason that does not happen, then your order will roll over to the next game live on our Facebook page Perfectly Quaint. 

Please note that the weight per item is estimated. All the prizes are different sizes and weights and therefore additional postage charges may be due once your parcel has been packed up for dispatch. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and your emails for notifications of additional postage charges due. 

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