A Tale As Old As Time

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This is a sterling silver game where you will start off with a random jewellery bomb. 

The jewellery can be earrings, rings or necklaces but they are all sterling silver. 

The jewellery within game can vary from Gemstone/Pearl/Pearl Cage jewellery and can come in any form - earrings/rings or necklaces. 

If you do not like the item you win from your jewellery bomb reveal then you can Trash that item and pick a book. Within the books there are alternative items that you can swap the item before for. You will get to Trash your prize 3 times - however you can never go back. 

If the item you have to keep at the end is a duplicate then you must keep the item you won in your jewellery bomb. 

During weeks when this game is available? The other jewellery games will not be available for purchase.