Refund Policy

Your right to return within 14 days of delivery:
Products won from Perfectly Quaint Games are exempt from the 14 day returns policy as they are Mystery Prizes. By purchasing games to play, you accept the risk of receiving items that you may not have wanted to win and accept these terms. This exemption falls within the Consumer Contract Regulations. 
Items bought outright from the website or via show & sell claim lives 
Should you change your mind about the products you purchased, you have the right to return products within 14 days of receiving your items. 
If you wish to return items which fall within the scope of our refund policy; they must be returned in the same condition that you received them. They must be damage free, unused, unopened and in it's original packaging.
When making contact to return your item in exchange for your refund you must provide the following information:
• Order number
• Billing and Delivery name if different
• Order date
• Item that has a problem
• What the problem is.
You must notify us in writing (via email or Facebook messenger) within 14 days of receipt to notify us of your wish to return your goods.   
Items being returned must be securely packaged and labelled with Perfectly Quaint's address on them. The cost of returning the products is at your own expense and we highly recommend that you pay for Royal Mail's "Signed For" service. Once we have received your returned goods you will receive confirmation of receipt via email and notice of the refund being processed. 
If your goods arrive faulty or damaged:
In the unfortunate event that your item(s) has arrived faulty (i.e. not working) please contact us within 24 hours of delivery. You must provide the following information
• Order number
• Billing and Delivery name if different
• Order date
• Item that has a problem
• What the problem is.
You must notify us in writing (via email or Facebook messenger) within 14 days of receipt to notify us of your wish to return your goods.   
A replacement or page credit will be provide to resolve the issue. 
Damaged Goods
If your goods arrive damaged, then that is because they have been damaged in transit. Perfectly Quaint does not take responsibility for items damaged in transit. To claim a refund for items damaged in transit you, as the recipient, will be required to contact the courier, which is usually Royal Mail, and submit a claim form requesting a refund. PQ will provide you with all the information you need to complete the claim form. 
Please contact us via email or Facebook messenger with the following information:
• Order Number
• Billing and Delivery Name if different 
• Order Date
• Item that has the problem 
• Please include photographs of the damaged item. 
As per the discretion afforded to us in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 - the requirement for you to claim for the cost of the items damaged in transit, is deemed as an agreement between Perfectly Quaint, and you, the Consumer. By purchasing products from Perfectly Quaint you accept these terms. 
This does not affect your consumer rights in any way.
Jewellery is slightly different. All jewellery items irrespective of whether they were purchased outright or won via a PQ game are covered by a 30 day warranty. 
However, the refund policy does differ slightly. 
For jewellery items purchased outright from the website or from a show and sell/claim live, Perfectly Quaint, offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. This means that if you change your mind or the item becomes faulty you may be entitled to a full refund. From day 15 - 30 your warranty allows for page credit only. 
To request a refund, you must ensure you provide your order details as outlined above if you do wish to invoke your 14 day money back warranty. Without it, your warranty is void. 
Jewellery items won via jewellery games will only receive page credit or a replacement. No cash refunds will be provided for items won via games.  
Please note, any issues which may occur outside of the 30 days of receipt of the jewellery will not receive page credit or a cash refund irrespective of the issues. The warranty will have expired. 
Perfectly Quaint will often ask you to return the item to PQ Headquarters for closer inspection. Upon safe receipt of the product and following inspection of the goods (jewellery or otherwise) a refund/replacement will be processed.
Please note, your jewellery warranty does not cover wear and tear or damage caused by you. If, upon receipt of the goods, our inspection reveals wear or tear, accidental damage, misuse or intentional damage, no refund will be processed. 
If a return is necessary then please return the item within 3 working days of making the request. If you refuse to return the item then no refund or replacement will be processed. 
In the event of a return, please return items via signed delivery service. 
Please note, Sterling Silver does tarnish and refunds will not be given for tarnished items. Refer to our care guide section for more information about this and how to look after your sterling silver items. 
Furthermore, please note adjustable rings are adjustable to one size. If you keep adjusting your ring to different ring sizes or to accommodate swelling, this will compromise the integrity of the stones in the ring and they could loosen and fall out. 
If you receive the wrong product(s):
We take care to ensure we send the correct product(s) to you through our order preparation procedure.
If you have received a wrong product(s) (through our human error), then you MUST
• Order Number
• Billing and Delivery Name if different 
• Order Date
• Please include photographs of the incorrect item and advise what the item should have been
Please note, however, if you have selected the wrong product(s) at checkout we cannot be held responsible and cannot issue a return or refund.
Please ensure you double check your order prior to confirming your order and payment.
Your goods have been delivered to the wrong address:
Please ensure you input the correct delivery address in the shipping section at checkout. We use the shipping address that you input on your purchase invoice as the address for delivery. 
Once the item has been dispatched there's nothing we can do to amend the delivery address. 
Unfortunately, if your items are dispatched to the wrong address as a result of your inputting error, no refund or replacements will be offered. 
If you do notice you have made an error with your dispatch address details please email us immediately and provide us with your 
• Order Number 
• Billing and Delivery Name if different 
• Order Date
• Correct shipping address 
Missing Parcels/Not Delivered -
If your parcel goes missing in transit Perfectly Quaint will do all they can to track the parcel for you and try and resolve the issue. If necessary, Perfectly Quaint will process a full refund or replacement for the items you won or purchased. Perfectly Quaint will have to allow the full 21 working days from the date the parcel was dispatched before processing the refund. 
In the event your parcel is marked as delivered by Royal Mail but you advise it has not been delivered, it will be your responsibility to deal with this by making enquiries with your local postal service. No refunds or replacements will be given. This applies to Covid19 signatures by your postal service. 
If you miss the delivery of your parcel YOU are required to reschedule the delivery. 
In the event that your parcel is marked as returned to sender because you missed your parcel and didn't collect it or reschedule, you will not be refunded for those items and they will not be replaced. Usually, if they are marked as returned to sender, they do not end up being returned and tend to go missing. Perfectly Quaint accepts no responsibility or liability for that. 
In the unlikely event your parcel does get returned back to Perfectly Quaint HQ's it will be returned back to you but you will be required to pay postage again. 
Free Prizes/Loyalty Card Claims 
If you win free prizes and they arrive faulty, damaged or do not turn up that item will not be replaced. This includes Loyalty Claim prizes to. 
By purchasing from Perfectly Quaint you accept these terms.