Welcome to Perfectly Quaint

💋 We are a small family run business where make up, jewellery; pearls, crystals and novelty items are our pleasure (and hopefully yours to). Our shows can be R18 but they're fun, they're real and everyone is welcome!

💋 We thrive on being a unique business and we have fun as a double act. My husband or my sister help me as I am unable to physically do this without them.

💋 You just never know what you're going to get! So why not come along and check us out. Just click the Facebook link at the top of the website page.

💋 We aim to be different within the live game show community both within our home country of the United Kingdom, as well as internationally.

💋 You do not have to place an order to be a part of our quirky family. We welcome all newbies and our die hard OG's with open arms.

💋 We have an amazing Admin team who are able to answer any queries during our live shows. So if you have any questions just ask!


💋 Buy your game/product choice(s).

💋 Once your order and payment has been received, you will receive an email confirming your order and you'll be placed in our line up.

💋 We are live to complete your orders on Facebook every Mon, Weds at 6.30pm and Fri at 7pm (BST). These days and times are subject to change so keep an eye on our Facebook page for line up details; updates on live shows and new game/products launches!

💋 During the live show(s), your name will be called and your order will be completed. If you buy Lucky Bubbles and you aren't on the live, we will not fulfill your order without you. Just remember to say hi when you pop on! 

💋 Bags are closed after every live show when your order is fulfilled. Delivery can take betweem 14 - 21 Working Days (excluding weekend and public holidays).

💋 Thanks for taking the time to check us out and we look forward to you joining the Perfectly Quaint family xXx

Perfectly Quaint